Sustainable Prospects // Next Chapter

As we start Sustainable Prospects, I am excited to take a new approach to my work. In both method and presentation.

At the end of Surfaces and Strategies, I felt that my work was not really where I wanted it and was not feeling very inspired by it. I think that the work I produced was fine, but laked in depth and style, partly because I was not shooting or approaching the project truly how I wanted to and that led me to overlook a look a lot of details.

Over our time off I took time to rethink my approach and asked myself what I really want from this project.

  • Do I want to be looking beyond digital photography and what are the pros and cons of doing that?

Yes. I think working with film, both 35mm and 120 will not only allow me to obtain the image style and quality I want, but It will make me slow down and truly think about my shortlist, my approach to my subjects and allow me to have more ways outside of the camera and computer to experiment and create - which I very much need.

  • How do incorporate more of a physical aspect into my work?

    I think by using film, producing prints and finding different ways of printing and utilizing a sketchbook will help me produce a clear sense of narrative, help with my photo selections, give me a better sense of what I should be shooting, which will then allow me to have a clear idea of how this project will best be presented and consumed my an audience.

  • How many locations do I want to shoot at? Will focusing on just one or two allow me to build better relationships in these chosen communities?

Now we are coming into winter months and travel is not as easy cost-effective, I have decided to focus on two locations in Colorado, One being, my current hometown of Jamestown, an old mining town up in the mountains and Alpen Glow Cohousing in Ridgway CO. I also plan to head back Arcosanti in the spring with a refined approach and direction.

I also feel like I need to include more visuals of the land of these locations, to help tell the full story of the connection of land and people in these places.

I did shoot a roll of film while I was at Arcosanti focusing on just that, without really meaning to and liked the outcome of the photos, but did not include them in my WIP, as they did not align with the aesthetic.

Seeing these made me realize, that if I had put more thought and direction into shooting this way I would, but have been satisfied with the overall outcome of my where my project was at the end of Surfaces and Strategies.

I did get out a few times with this new approach in mind and I am really pleased with the results. I focused on shooting landscape that has been added to or changed by people in some way.

I then developed (and scanned) my film at home, by hand which gave some interesting results as my tanks were not completely clean I got some bubble marks on the negatives, not something I would want moving forward, but I am not disappointed it happened.

Overall I’m happy with how these turned out and excited to move forward with this approach. It has definitely given me fresh inspiration and confidence in moving forward with my project.

Surfaces & Strategies // W. Five course work // Roadmap // Refection


Title of work: High Desert.

Keywords: Land, Community, Interdisciplinary, Collaboration.

Methods and methodologies: With this project, I will be exploring high desert areas in the American west (California, Arizona, and Colorado ) I wish to do so with of mix of techniques, such as digital, 120/35mm as well as cyanotypes.  
These images will range from environmental portraits to landscape within the communities I will be visiting.

I feel that this approach will offer a wider perspective of the subject and hopefully and alternative approach to straightforward documentary photography.   

I have also considered producing a few short videos that will help document the people and surroundings, as well as show my process. I hope to do this with my creative partner Mae Frances, so I can focus on producing images for my project.

Number of shoots: I intend to travel to my chosen locations and spend a few days shooting at each.

I plan to produce a number of images with my chosen mediums that will be made into a publication and exhibit. 

The relationship:
All the work produced relates to my final project and is allowing me to explore, and connect with people within certain communities  I am visiting as well as the approach and techniques I want to use during this project. I feel that is helping refine and explore new ways of using digital and alternative process alongside each other.