High Desert // Introduction

There has always been an interest in the American west as it has been a vast space with ample natural resources such as Petroleum, Coal, and of course Gold.  The landscape its self has always been a draw to many people and by the end of the twentieth century became a some of the largest tourist attractions, therefore making the commercial benefit of these lands grater than any other the natural resources. Reflecting on those facts and considering what the political climate around these lands have been like, especially for the last two years, this project will be looking at: 

Social environment

What has been the impact of human development on the land and how the people and communities living there now are using the land. 

Preservation of land/Heritage 

The history of the land and what are the people and communities in these places doing to preserve the land and heritage.

I am exploring these high desert areas. 

Blue Mesa, CO // Golden Valley, AZ // Twentynine Palms CA