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Some Considerations

Where will you put it?

At this stage, I like the idea of displaying my work outdoors in a public space where people would be able to come upon the work and view it at their leisure.

However, if I do display in a public space I would not want my work to overly intrusive in its location, I would like the display/installation to be something that catches the eye of someone passing by, without being too obvious.

Paul Farmer and his Meditation Trail, Paintings in the wild is a good example of using an outdoor space that already has people visiting it and it not overbearing on the space.

At this point, with the space available to me, I could do something very similar at a smaller scale, for a shot time.

Paul Famer - meditation trail, paintings in the wild

Who will be looking at your work?

The location I am thinking of will be in a small park that has nothing in it but a few trees and is located in my hometown where a number of locals walk by every day. Also having my work being on display in an area that has nothing else in it, would be quite noticeable and hopefully pique the interest of people passing.

Other thoughts on the space.

When using a public outdoor space, I have thought about the permission I would need and, how the majority of the people in the town would accept me having work up in the park.

There is also the fact that my work will be exposed to the elements, so using materials that would have resistance to the weather.

As I am just beginning to explore the idea of creating installations to display my work, over the next few modules I will start to narrow down, how I want my work displayed, what materials will work together and hold up outdoors, and even if I want to continue to think about using outdoor spaces.

Do I want to exhibit my work at the locations I am shooting, or do I want to have an indoor exhibition in a gallery? and will the locations have a large impact on how I display my work?