Surfaces & Strategies // Contextual research // Sem Langendijk

Sem Langendijk

When coming upon Sem Langendijk’s work I was instantly drawn in as he is very focused on certain communities and their role in shaping the landscape of these harbors, the influence they have on a city 's development and he questions the ownership of land.

His series Amsterdam- Agency, in particular, I find intriguing as it focuses on the ADM community in Amsterdam- a community that was developed 1997 by a group of people looking to create an alternative lifestyle for themselves in a former harbor.

Much like Langendijk, I am focused on communities, their habitats, and their impact on the land, and how their additions to it, function within the landscape. As I am moving forward with this project, I have tried to consider ways of approaching and documenting my chosen areas and communities in a less typical documentary style, and I feel that Langendijk starts to do that with his work. When looking at his Amsterdam series, I find that there is another layer to them, that is genital, unintrusive and an non judgemental reflection of the whole community, which I try very much to keep in mind while shooting and spending time within this communities.